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I'm trying to find a way to raise Mega Mawile's speed, since the Pokemon has a lot of potential. The problem is that it's slow and gets hit with Earthquake from Landorus and the like, so I'm wondering if this strategy would work:

  • Smeargle uses Tail wind
  • Baton pass to Ninjask and use Agility to max out speed
  • Baton Pass to Mawile

With this strategy, would Mawile have enough speed to outspeed most of its threats?

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MMaw doesnt need speed, it has Physical bulk and Priority (Sucker Punch).
Terlor, E-Speed will go first before sucker punch
Wtf are you talking about, Extreme Speed? on a MMawile? 1. It resists it. 2. 125 Base Defense.

Please use logic when you type.
I'm talking about ANY pokemon using sucker punch. Its not a mawile exclusive move. Like a liepard using sucker punch but fails because of extreme speed
Well extreme speed isnt going to do anything to Mawile, so it doesnt matter.
Also, how would a speed boost have any effect against ESpeed?
I never said that.

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Yes there are problems with this strategy.

  • Tailwind does not need to be Baton Passed, you can use it and switch normally and whatever you switch to gets the speed boost.
  • Tailwind would wear out before you got all the Speed boosts to Mawile.
  • Using Smeagle and Ninjask on the same team is incredibly predictable and easily played around. A person will see it and bring out their taunter, phaser or other things that counter Baton Pass.
  • Agility raises Speed by +2, so you don't need to use it six times, just three (assuming that maxing out Speed is your strategy).
  • Mawile does NOT need that many Speed boosts. A simple +2 is enough to outspeed most unboosted Pokemon, and even that is too much attention to speed. Besides, I personally don't agree Mawile should stay in against things like Lando anyway. It will survive and beat you anyway, specifically is it's Therian form and has Intimidated you.
  • Mawile already has Sucker Punch to move first and revenge kill things, so Speed is kinda unnecessary.

Honestly doing that is WAY too much effort put into supporting Mawile. Having two weak support Pokemon is not ideal, especially when their purpose is to make Mawile outspeed things that will beat it even if it moves first. If Mawile is going to be outsped an killed, just switch, don't waste a third of your team on support Pokemon.

Also this is assuming that you're doing Wifi battles, if you're on Showdown don't even think about doing this strategy. Ubers is way too much for Ninjask and Smeargle to handle.

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I meant for a normal mawile, not mega mawile
Then why did you say Mega Mawile in the post? Everything I said except the last line is still relevant anyway. And normal Mawile is horrible, don't even use it in the first place. Use Azumarill instead if you need an attacking Fairy.
OK thanks
No problem!
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It would, but Ninjask doesn't have the bulk to survive. It would also be very risky switching into Ninjask, since most people set up with Swords Dance etc. and there are Pokemon like Blaziken who gets Speed Boost anyway, so it would be faster than your Mega Mawile. So it is quite a risky strategy.

But, what if I have ninjask. Use substitute ?
It may work, but again with the Speed Boost Blaziken, it will counter your strategy. Also Defence Deoxys can just use taunt.
Speed boost Blaziken is in a higher tier - Ubers.
And so is mega mawile
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All you really need for this strategy to excel is a Sticky Web user and a Tailwind user - preferably with U-turn and or Volt Switch of which there are many competitively viable Pokemon...


just have one or many Trick Room users on your team if you worry about Mawile being too slow.

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