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I don't mean with abilities such as Gale Wings or moves such as Extremespeed, I literally mean which Pokemon has the most raw speed out of any other within the meta game.


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The fastest one at the moment would be Deoxys-S (Deoxys Speed) it holds the top spot with regard to speed. It has a base speed of 180 which equals a speed stat of 504 if it has 31 ivs, fully ev trained speed stat, and a positive speed nature.

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Thanks. Simple and to the point :)
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By 'metagame', I'll assume that you mean tiers. Here are the top 5 fastest Pokemon in each tier with their base stats (Source):


Deoxys-S - 180
Deoxys, Deoxys-A - 150
Mewtwo/Gengar-M - 130
Shaymin-S - 127
Darkrai - 125


Alakazam-M - 150
Talonflame - 126
Weavile - 125
Greninja - 122
Tornadus-T - 121


Aerodactyl-M - 150
Crobat - 130
Noivern - 123
Alakazam - 120
Raikou/Starmie/Azelf - 115


Jolteon - 130
Meloetta-P - 128
Dugtrio - 120
Whimsicott - 116
Ambipom/Cinccino - 115


Ninjask - 160
Accelgor - 145
Electrode - 140
Swellow - 125
Sceptile - 120

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no Meloetta-Pirouette? Its speed is 128 (its in RU) :(
Sorry xD

That's the normal-psychic form rite
no, thats the Normal/Fighting. It prob wasn't on your list cos that isn't the form it starts a battle in.
No offense, but I made it clear when I said 'meta game,' two words, not one. Metagame is not a word. You can take it to mean tiers, yes, but meta game refers to competitive battling. Tiers exist only within ranked matches, and not everybody who plays competitively plays ranked matches. Thank you for your answer.
Thanks. Detailed and useful :) This is really helpful for competing in the metagame.
@DarkLacerny: It probably would have been better to have explained that, because I'd say that 99% of competitive battlers wouldn't see the difference.
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Deoxys -S.

This Pokemon is faster than every other Pokemon (no exaggeration) with a base 180 base speed. This is why it is such a good suicide lead, as it can set hazards on the field pretty much before every non-prioritized Pokemon.

Deoxys-S is closely followed by Ninjask, with base 160 speed, and then later by all the other base 150 speed Pokemon (namely Mega Alakazam, Mega Aerodactyl, Deoxys-A and Normal Deoxys).

Hope I helped!

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My ninjask is faster than the average Deoxys -s then.   :D

It's nature ups its speed.
I meant without all those speed benefactors like natures, EVs, IVs, Items etc.
In which case, Ninjask will always be outsped by Deoxys-S.
Not if ninjask has protect and Speed Boost.
A speed raise is also a benefactor. A +6 Speed Mega Aerodactyl outspeeds both Ninjask and Deoxys-S that way.
If they're given equal stat boosts (from Speed Boost, Agility, etc.), EVs, IVs and Natures, Deoxys-S will outspeed any Pokemon.
No, Munchlax and Sunkern outspeed due to pure swag.