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I need test this but I don't know what Pokemons have this set.
Here is the set I need:

  • Swords Dance
  • Sturdy Ability
  • Priority Move

The idea is using Swords Dance, Sturdy and Weakness Policy activate, then spam the priority move with x3 Attack.


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These are all the Sturdy Pokemon that can have Swords Dance:
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Non of these get any priority moves.
However you can give a Pokemon that has access to Swords Dance and a Priority move a Focus Sash (you will obviously have to give up the weakness poilicy) , and there are quite a bit of those.

You can take a different approach at this!
Dragonite with Multiscale, Dragon Dance, Extreme Speed and a Weakness Policy!
Multiscale is an upgraded version of Sash/Sturdy so it cvan survive most SE attacks at full HP.
Dragon Dance will give you a speed boost which means you can outspeed most Pokemon and you wont even have to use Extreme Speed!

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*Types answer and finds out Terlor answers as I type*. Ok i feel like raging so much right now. But +1 since it's better!
ok thanks!
It can't take an Ice Beam from a Modest Greninja with a  Life Orb equipped. I know because it just happened. Just helping.
You got Multiscale wrong, it just reduces the damage received at full HP by 50%.
That doesn't mean it will survive every super effective attack, otherwise good answer though.
Just pointing out what is CAN"T survive. It can take most hits though.
50% is enough to survive almost any attack on full HP, i said every because i suck. *edits*
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The only Pokemon with Swords Dance and Sturdy is Crustle and I think a Shell Smash set would be much better. Another one is Skarmory. It's not even that fast unless a Speed boost is baton passed onto it. All other Pokemon require a Sash to survive most of the time so the only way is to make Crustle really bulky, use it on a Trick Room team or Shell Smash with a Jolly nature.
So Crustle is really the only option here.

Hope I helped!
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Ok thanks demat.