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Adamant Nature:
Ability: Adaptability
—Dragon Dance
—Knock Off

Any suggestions?

What format?
USUM Battle spot singles.
I can't think of anything it can do that neither Tyranitar nor Greninja can do better.
Priority moves and high damaging moves is something neither of them has both of.
Greninja has priority with Water Shuriken. And your Crawdaunt set doesn’t have Aqua Jet so it’s a bit of a moot point.
Ok, but Greninja doesn’t hit as hard and Tryanitar doesn’t move as fas. Crawduant can best either of them easily. (Superpower on Greninja), Crabhammer on Tryanitar.
That's not how viability works. Weavile can beat Mega Rayquaza easily, but that doesn't make Weavile better than Mega Rayquaza.
You sound like you're already convinced this Crawdaunt set is good.
Fizz I get that, I’m just proving how Crawduant is op.

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This Crawdaunt set is okay. It has some of the basics covered, like Knock Off, Adaptability and Crabhammer. However, Crawdaunt isn't an effective user of Dragon Dance, because it requires two boosts to reliably outspeed opponents. Crawdaunt lacks the bulk or defensive typing to achieve two boosts.

These problems only worsen if you use Adamant. Without a boosting nature, Crawdaunt only reaches 314 Speed after using DD. Any opponent above base 93 that runs 252+ Speed will outpace +1 Adamant Crawdaunt, which plainly isn't good enough. Aqua Jet is the better solution to Crawdaunt's Speed; 99.95% of high-rating Crawdaunt sets in BSS have Aqua Jet, and very few use Dragon Dance by the looks of things.

You haven't mentioned an item, but Choice Band appears to be the only Crawdaunt set that sees usage in BSS. Its utility looks entirely dependent on the powerful CB + Adaptability Aqua Jet combo, which is absent from your set. Crawdaunt is a strong wallbreaker, but there is no shortage of those in BSS. Realistically, it's an outclassed Pokemon -- especially as the DD sweeper you've turned it into here.

Offensive Pokemon cannot be both slow and frail in lenient metagames like BSS. This is why you've been recommended Pokemon like Greninja and Tyranitar instead.

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There goes my fun...
Play Crawdaunt in Smogon UU if you're able. Lots of fun things are viable there, including SD Crawdaunt if you want to sweep.
Who says unviable and outclassed Pokemon can't be fun? Weird stuff like Doduos peak ladders once every few months.