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My friends and I battle a lot and when we do we always use one legendary. id prefer that we didnt because I personally don't like using legendarys but they want too so I need a good legendary pokemon to add to my team. as of now the two friends I battle the most use dialga and palkia


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Go with Kyogre or Lugia. Both of them are beasts. A Water Spout form a Specs Kyogre can 2HKO Blissey.

I actually tried out Trachy's Tauros a couple weeks back on Shoddy, and it seriously messes up the tier. Nobody expects it, and it ruins everything in the tier. Screws over the dragons, it hits back the Dragon Trio pretty well, it messes up Deoxys-S, totally murders Ho-Oh, sweeps Latios, Wobbuffet, and Shedinja like nothing, as well as severely weaknening Darkrai, Deoxys-A, and even the odd Ubersect. It's seriously a beast.

If you want a really user-friendly, usually risk-free choice in Ubers, then pick Rayquaza or Palkia. Ray's really fast, has great sweeping potential, and gets the always-envied Extremespeed alongside STAB Outrage. It's a very potent threat. Palkia is basically the same except no x4 weakness.

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And before then was everybody saying: "Oh look, he's using Tauros, what a noob" ?
As for Kyogre and Lugia, they are the two best Ubers (Lugia best, Kyogre second best). Kyogre can use either a CHoice Specs set or a Chesto-Rest-Calm Mind set to do a ton of damage with Water Spout. It also gets a powerful Thunder and Ice Beam. Drizzle is an excellent ability, and Kyogre has great stats to top it all off. As for Lugia, it is next to invincible. I've only seen it fall to critical hits.
Haha, yeah, everyone was like, "WTF? Tauros? lol you scrub".
Then I'd usually KO two or three of their team.

I laughed so hard during the fights.
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The best legendary I know are Arceus and Darkrai.
Arceus can change type with the plate given and his jugement changes to. It's a good idea to use it.
Darkrai's moves are not very effective to dialga and palkia but he can make them asleep and with his effect they lose some hp every turn! also it can use dream eater that hit 100 and hill him.
If you don't wanna use legendary, a good pokemon is an infernape with close combat for dialga and a dragon type pokemon with draco meteor and a fighting type move.

The only problem is my arceus is the toys r us one so its stats are already set and are pretty crappy
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You know what you should use? A Tauros. I'm not kidding. As many on this site can attest, my Tauros is the Ultimate Dragon Killer. Just slap on a Choice Band, give it 252 Attack EVs, 252 Speed, 4 HP, and either a Speed or Attack boosting nature. Then give it Outrage, which is powerful enough to OHKO most Palkia, and Earthquake for a 2HKO on Dialga. It also gets Stone Edge and Payback to deal with multiple other Legendaries. If you must have a legendary however, I'd suggest Groudon. It can easily take down Dialga, and Palkia isn't too much of a problem for it.

It's a good idea but if dialga or palkia know aura sphere it's 100% sure to do OHKO to taurus because it's normal type.
Tauros is faster than both Palkia and Dialga.
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Any legendary that can learn good fire and electric moves. Or if you don't want to use a legendary breed a female magma or magmortar with a male like hitmonchan that knows thunderpunch. The magby can learn fire type moves and will have thunder punch as an egg move