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I bought Pokemon Bank, and I'm going to deposit my prized Lv.100 Blaziken.
I know that there is no possible way to get the Blazikenite other than the event, and you can't put items in the bank. However, I want to keep my Blazikenite as I plan to restart my game, but I have no idea where I'll get another one.

Please help me.

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So, what is the question? It seems that you already understand that you can only get a Blazikenite through the event, which completely answers what you originally asked. What exactly are you looking for here?

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When you restart your game you could always have someone hold onto your Blazikenite so you don't lose it, this is what I did with my Mega Stones.

Since you could only get the Blazikenite through an Event and the Event has long expired, you can current only get another Blazikenite through trade (if you trade for a Pokémon holding the Blazikenite as a held item). You could also wait till OR/AS comes out though, as you can probably get the Blazikenite on there.

Hope I helped!

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