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I was playing Pokemon Platinum and I encountered a Roselia which had a special animation. It threw some rose petals in the air. I was trying to get outside of the grass (you know like when you wish you had a repel with you), so I just had a glimpse on it and then pushed run. Was that a shiny Roselia? I looked at Bulbapedia and the shiny form of Roselia isn't much different in color than it's original, so I might have missed it. If not shiny then what was it?

EDIT: I know how the default animation for shinies is in Platinum and that occurs after the Pokemon default animation, and NO it was not Magical Leaf as I didn't battle it. I was looking at the top screen when the battle started so I just saw that it was a Roselia and that it threw rose petals in the air during it's own default animation in which Roselia rises it's arms up and cries.

So I'm changing my question from "Was that a shiny Roselia?" to "Why did a wild Roselia have a special animation?".

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Maybe it was a glitch and a wild roselia had a seal? It could be a mistake in the programming.

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First of all sorry for reviving such an old question.
I had to register an account right away to join this because i'm confusing about this case too. You guys should stop complaining about how he persist his question. Actually he was right.
The Aroma Lady Hannah on route 208 in Pkmn Platinum owns a Roselia that throw rose petal in the air while it cry. First I thought it was an animation for Roselia in this version but nope. I encountered many Roselia but haven't found any that did the same. I'm still hunting for one. That must be a rare Pokemon with special animation, but not shiny. I've been searching on the internet but found no information related to this.
Gamefreak considered Pokemons as real creatures so I think they did this on purpose. This makes me remember about the Spindas. Each one of them have different spot on their face.
Maybe nobody pay attention on this, but I do.
Here it is.
Roselia throwing petals

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Is it that only this Roselia throws its arm into the air? I think it may be due to the use of a seal, like the Flora seals which release petals.
Yes, I think that'd be right. Quite a few characters in Platinum use Seals; if I remember correctly, Barry used them on his starter Pokemon eg. Empoleon with bubbles.
i just found out there is a seal function. but according to the information provided by our man up there, he encountered a WILD one. and that petal look quite... natural, not similar to the pattern of the seals.
all the wild Roselia i've encountered are male. the one of Aroma Lady Hannah is female. maybe this animation is specially designed for the female? i will still try look for one. this is interesting.
You do have a point there - though Seals are still certainly the the most fitting explanation for what the asker described. I'm going to select this answer as the best for that reason.
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This is impossible to know anymore, rather we can only assume.
As of such, no shiny Pokemon has a special rose-scattering animation, but since you missed almost all of the Roselia, the animation might have been a burst of sparkles rather than roses.
In which case Roselia was definitely shiny.

Shiny Roselia doesn't really look all that different from normal Roselia, save for the hands (Roses?) which have different colors. So it was very easy to miss them for you.

TL:DR The Roselia most definitely was shiny, but we cannot say for sure.

Hope I helped!

Fated Fathom ♠   I know how the default animation for shinies is in Platinum, but I'm very sure that the sparkles come in a circle after the Pokemon's default animation, which I might have missed. In Roselias case it would be after it puts it's arms up and cries. The petals were falling at the moment Roselia raises it's arms. That was the moment I was looking at the top screen.
Nope there is no such animation, I'm quite sure. In Platinum, there has never been a Roselia that would scatter petals. As for that, maybe you missed something.
Why would you ask a question and then bash people's answers? Hello?
Well I appreciate the answers but I think I've been doing the wrong question. I'm sure of what I saw.
My answer still stands though
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The ''It threw some rose petals in the air'' was Magic Leaf.
Roselia throw some petals with different colors to the air, then it comes down and then launches to your Pokemon.

In Gen IV, if a shiny Pokemon appears it will appear stars around it, like this:

Another way (don't know if this works, because I don't have my Pokemon Platinum now) is going to the forms of Roselia and see if it was a ''shiny form''. This can be done in Gen V however I don't know if this can be done in Gen IV.

As you say ''It threw some rose petals in the air'' it is the same was Magic Leaf and it can be learned by Roselia at level 19.
Roselia can be found at Route 208, Route 209, Route 210 South, Route 212 North, Route 221, Route 224, Route 229, Route 230, Trophy Garden and the minimum level is 19 in Route 208.

Like Fated Fathom ♠ said, it is possible that it can be shiny but in this case I'm very sure that it WAS NOT SHINY because of the Magic Leaf.

Hope this helps!

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He just had a glimpse, he didn't battle it.

"so I just had a glimpse on it and pressed run."

Roselia can't possibly have used Magic Leaf when he pressed run, pokemon can't attack you when you successfully run from them.