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What is the point of the Magikarp trainers in HG? For example, Fisherman Kyler has a team of Magikarp, and it doesn't change when you rematch him! So what is the point?

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Well, in the beginning, Magikarp trainers are Game Freak's way of giving you "Experience Fodder". In farming terms, fodder is the hay stuff you give cows, and you give them fodder by the bucket-loads. This is just a term meaning free, easy experience, although not a lot.

Level bases are lower in Johto, so many trainers may still have a level 4-6 in their team. The magikarp teams can give these weaker Pokemon 70-90 EXP, AKA, a free level, in most cases.

To simplify it: Magikarp Trainers, if not for the Gyarados-infested rematch teams, are usually to help weaker Pokemon catch up early in the game, so that you don't ditch them or so they don't fall behind.

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I think it has to do with being annoying as hell.
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EDIT:Fishermen Kyler on Route 12 has 2 uses and reason why he has all those Magikarp. The reason is that if you have Pokerus and a Macho Brace, you can easily gain Speed Evs instantly. So, that is one Reason.

Another reason is that if you have Low Level Pokemon, you can easily gain EXP points to lv you up a bit. Here is another thing, each trainer has its Trainer Class, which shows how hard a Trainer will be when you battle Him/Her. Hope this helps..

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Sorry, I meant Fisherman KyleR. forgot the R