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Who sings the English version of the Magikarp Song?

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A few days ago the official Pokémon YouTube channel uploaded an English version to a song that was released on the Japanese YT channel about a year ago, titled "The Magikarp Song". I just want to know who it is singing the English version.

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Since when was there a Magikarp song?
" The music is credited to コイキンGO KoikinGO. "

Not an answer, but closest thing to credits in any form I've come across.
It does not say who. D:
I've heard someone mention it's a male but I have no source or proof
(accidentally posted an answer disregard that it is hidden)

edit: japanese singer is apparently Furuya Shunaharu, a third grader from a theatre group/studio. Don't know about English, though.

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The English singer is probably unknown for now, I can tell they are a child though. But for now, I don't actually know.

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If you don't know the answer, then why are you answering?