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A few days ago the official Pokémon YouTube channel uploaded an English version to a song that was released on the Japanese YT channel about a year ago, titled "The Magikarp Song". I just want to know who it is singing the English version.

Since when was there a Magikarp song?
" The music is credited to コイキンGO KoikinGO. "

Not an answer, but closest thing to credits in any form I've come across.
It does not say who. D:
I've heard someone mention it's a male but I have no source or proof
(accidentally posted an answer disregard that it is hidden)

edit: japanese singer is apparently Furuya Shunaharu, a third grader from a theatre group/studio. Don't know about English, though.
The English singer is probably unknown for now, I can tell they are a child though. But for now, I don't actually know.
If you don't know the answer, then why are you answering?
The singer is unknown for now.
Searching "the magikarp song singer" in Google gave me a guy called Diwa de Leon, who did a cover on it on Youtube.
Argh. That old answer I posted, How dumb was I..?

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The singer of the Japanese Magikarp Song is either Furuya Shunaharu or Diwa De Leon.

The English singer is unknown on their own request and there is no way of telling. I am sorry, but there is no real answer to this question as long as the English singer wishes to remain anonymous.

Either Furuya Shunaharu
Or Diwa De Leon
(After some research, I have found evidence that both of these people have been credited for the Japanese Magikarp Song. Maybe there are two different versions and both of them sang it?)

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Diwa de Leon only did a cover on his Youtube channel, as I commented before. According to asfy in the comments Furuya Shunaharu did the Japanese version. I didn't flag since I only saw this now, but thats my reasoning on why its incorrect. However, so far it is true that the English singer isn't credited anywhere.
Ah, fair enough. Not even sure this Shunaharu figure is the right one either, considering they’re only referenced in one place: https://crownnote.com/charts/naos/my-top-50-28
Anyone able to lend some insight? I won’t hide this answer since it seems accurate besides the Japanese name, and we can just edit or post another one when we have clarity.
(Regarding the new edit)
I literally said it in 2 different comments on how Diwa only did a cover in his Youtube channel. In English. The google answer box is not a good source, so you have to dig deeper than a single search.
I can't say much here (confidentiality and all that), but if you're still invested in finding out the answer, keep up with the new episodes.