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No Magikarp accepted.

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Probably this (discounting Magikarp which is more or less the same ;I)
enter image description here
K, bai.

Whoops thanks Fondant~
enter image description here
That says "Flip a coin. If tails, this attack does nothing."

Otherwise, Magikarp is worse

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master race natu
Idk... there's a Magikarp one where it doesn't even do damage. You have to flip a coin and if it gets tails it doesn't even do anything.
Yeah I saw that one
Isn't it 60 damage, filp two coins, if any one of them is tails, you do nothing?
That's one sexy Natu.
I thought it was only 10 damage for the Magikarp? I'll check.

Actually I found 2, and I was a bit wrong with the Magikarp's attack:
The Magikarp is worse because it'll do 10 damage to itself if you get tails.