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Haxmons battle rules are 100% flinch and 100% critical hit.
Now if I use a Pokemon with Inner Focus and another with Shell Armor, and my opponent has a Pokémon with Bite, will I get a flinched on my Inner Focus Pokémon and be critical hitted on my Shell Armor Pokémon? Since the rules are 100% effect.

I need a 100% correct answer to start building my Haxmons team.

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What do you mean by "A Pokemon with Inner Focus and Shell Armor"
From what I understand, it seems like you're saying a Pokemon with both those abilities at once.
2 pokemons.
Abilities always negate effects, I'm pretty sure, as they negate the normal percentages by mechanics rather than just decreasing the percentage to 0.

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If you have Shell Armor, it is impossible to get hit by a critical hit, lest the Pokemon you are facing be wielding the abilities Mold Breaker, Teravolt or Turboblaze
This goes for Inner Focus as well. Even in haxmons battles, a Pokemon requires the abilities Mold Breaker, Teravolt or Turboblaze to crit or flinch you through Inner focus and Shell Armor

Shell Armor
> Shell Armor prevents Pokémon from receiving a critical hit.

Inner Focus
> Inner Focus prevents the Pokémon from flinching. Pokémon with this
> Ability can still flinch due to a Pokémon with Mold Breaker, Teravolt
> or Turboblaze.

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