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Since, every move is a Crit, shouldn't Sniper be banned because of the extra free power? Just wondering.

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Here's the banlist for Haxmons:

King's Rock: The fact that it lets every move flinch is too strong, it's nearly unstoppable when paired with priority.
Razor Fang

Taken from this forum. As you can see, the only Ability that is banned is Stench. So the answer is no, Sniper is not banned. Haxmons is more of a just-for-fun metagame and only aspects that would make it less fun are removed. Sniper is simply a damage increase.

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Cool thanks! But why is Stench banned?
It adds a 10% Crit chance if the move didn't have a flinch chance before
I think you meant 10% flinch chance?