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Currently at 50s. I want to be a little stronger, but not too over-leveled.
Cynthia's Garchomp is Level 62 btw.

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I just kept using the Vs. Seeker on Route 222 to train my Yanmega super hard. Started at 35, beat league at 65 ;3. Also, I highly recommend that you get a Sneasel/Weavile. It helped me with Lucian and Cynthia's Garchomp. And if you get Weavile, keep Icy Wind on it so you can slow down Cynthia's Garchomp so you can kill it easily.

Hope I helped!

Source: Experience

I battled the Rich Boy, Lady, Cops, and the Fishermen to train my Pokemon btw.

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I used the psychic Trainor outside of veilstone beat Cynthia at level 56s
Ah cool :D
I recommend ice punch through move tutor on weavile instead of icy wind, since weavile is a physical attacker.