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When I found Thundurus he fled. Have I done something wrong?

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No, he just got bored

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It's normal for them fleed from battle, those Pokémon are called Roaming Pokémon.
You can see more here about the Roaming Pokémons.

If you want them to don't fleed, use a Pokemon faster than Thundurus with a trapping move such as Mean Look or Wrap, or send out a Pokémon with a trapping Ability such as Shadow Tag or Arena Trap (several roaming Pokémon are Flying-type or have the Ability Levitate, rendering Arena Trap ineffective against them).Arena Trap won't work because Thundurus is a flying Pokémon.

Hope this helps.

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You also have to make sure that the Pokemon using the trapping move is faster than Thundurus(Same is with all roaming Pokemon, except the Legendary Birds in X and Y, those just flee immediately
Ok thanks, I forgot about that.
Your welcome :)