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In Pokemon White I have got Thundurus on 1 HP and poisoned, I have got 4 Timed balls, 5 Quick balls, 18 dusk balls and 7 or 8 Ultra Balls and I have used my Master Ball. I need help, because like I said it is poisoned, so I can not put it asleep. Please help! :(


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EDIT: Kill him and face the Pokemon League to get him back brand new and follow these steps. It will be SO MUCH easier.

>P.S. this works with any legendary you are having trouble with (except Giratina, being a Ghost-Type and all...)

  1. Pokemon with VERY HIGH attack that can learn False Swipe.

  2. Pokemon that can learn a paralysis-inducing move. (any pokemon that can learn Thunder Wave) Not sleep because that wears off. Paralysis does not.

  3. NEVER Poison, Badly poison, Burn or Confuse the Pokemon. It might kill itself.

Zangoose (M) @ Silk Scarf
Adamant (+Atk -SpAtk)
Trait: Immunity
Role: Bounty Hunter (Not for battle, competative or otherwise)

EV Spread:
252 Atk
252 Spd
4 HP
- Swords Dance (+2 Atk)
- False Swipe (Take them down to 1 Hp without killing them)
- Double Team (to avoid attacks and use less potions)
- Disable (stop annoying moves)
Try Dusk Balls at night. They have a better catch rate (3.5x) than an Ultra Ball (2x).

NOTE: Ultra Ball has 2x catch rate ANYTIME. Dusk Balls only have a 3.5x catch rate at night, and 1x any other time (same as a Poke Ball). So, HUNT AT NIGHT!!!!

Source: Bulbapedia

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Heal Pulse doesn't cure status bro.
you are SO right. whoops. Thanks for pointing that out.
No problem.
uh, if you do kill giratina, it is always in turn back cave unless you beat there as well , which you would beat the pokemon leauge and it would return to turnback cave
and i ONLY JUST manged to beat the league im not doing it again
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You can save, encounter it, and if you fail to catch it with the appropriate Poke Ball, you can turn off the DS without saving and turn on the game again and get another try.
Altough this might be somewhat tiring, it might be your best bet at getting it.

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Trade 50 times on GTS, and talk to the dude with glasses in the Castelia City Pokemon Center. He'll give you a second Master Ball. You know what to do from there.

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Well, once I got Thunderus down to red HP, I caught him with an ultra ball on water. I'm not sure if that would have helped, but every time I found it on land, I failed to cath it.

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I would save and then try a quick ball at the start. worked for me.

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if it is for running pokemon i always lower em to 1hp (false swipe) and when i encounter em next time i use a quick ball always works for me.

badly poisoned