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Like if there are two level 100 timid raikous who both have 252 evs in speed the first one has 31ivs in speed but the second has 0 bye how much is the first one faster?

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It will affect the stat from 1-31 points(and no Pokemon can have 0 IVS on one stat)EVs can give you up to a total of 63 points in two stats(or 126 spread over however many stats, but with the 126 being the MAX you can get.) IVs can only boost you from 1 to 31 in each stat, but since they can do EACH stat, you can get 186 points total. Basically, EVs can give you a larger boost in two single stats, but IVs can give you a higher TOTAL boost.

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Actually the max EVs is 127. It's 510 total EVs which is 127 points plus two EVs spare that you cannot use.