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I really want a sweeper\baton passer scizzor but the main problem is its speed and I know I can teach it agility but as a baton passer I thought more on a move like sword dance to power up torretera who's after him without using curse
so the moveset will probably look like that :

x-scissor-STAB is important

bullet punch-priority

agility\sword dance-a boost to baton pass

baton pass-to turn the next one into a killing machine

ev's-,104 speed ,100-defence ,252-attack ,52-HP

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Charizard you need to work on your typos...just a quick read through before you post will help others a lot :)
Use bug bite, with Technician, it will do 90 Base power without STAB

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Agility Is Better If Your Passing To Torterra. BUT If you wanna pass Speed, you might as well just get a Ninjask. But if you still wanna use Scizor as a Baton Passer, then Use Swords Dance to pass(Though Ninjask could Pass Bot SD or Agility).

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