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I just don't understand the description "Ignores any stat changes in the Pokémon."

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Unaware means the Pokemon completely ignores the effects of stat changes when calculating damage. Those changes are the standard ones you see from moves like Swords Dance. So if a Pokemon with a +2 Attack boost from Swords Dance attacked a Pokemon with Unaware, the stat boost would be excluded as if it wasn't there at all.


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Does that work with Double Team too?
That's a good question actually, I'm not sure on that one. But I'm going to assume no o3o
Yes because Double Team boosts something, in the case evasion.
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The Ability Unaware ignores all stat changes
In battle
Unaware ignores other Pokémon's positive and negative stat changes when calculating damage involving a Pokémon with this Ability. This means that damage dealt by a Pokémon with Unaware ignores the target's Defense and Special Defense stat changes. Likewise, damage dealt to a Pokémon with Unaware ignores the attacker's Attack and Special Attack stat changes.


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