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I see so many people using a special attacking Tyranitar yet its SpA compared to its Atk is terrible, with an approximate 80 difference. Please include pros, cons and a verdict.

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Well, if you powertrain him hè could be very strong in both...
Mixed Scarf TTar is superior to all.

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  • It's unexpected. Really, it's not that common. Flamethrower is common enough, but most Tyranitars are physically based.
  • Hits physical walls


  • Special Attack isn't that great, so it won't be doing too much damage
  • Fails to threaten Pokémon that it usually could
  • Tyranitar has a bit of a shallow Special movepool


  • Makes use of Tyranitar's high Attack stat
  • Threatens many Pokémon such as Talonflame
  • Pursuit allows it to trap [email protected]
  • Good Physical movepool


  • Gets walled by Pokémon such as Skarmory
  • Moves are predictable

I recommend sticking to a physical moveset, Special can be unpredictable, but other than that it doesn't have much utility. Personally, I run a physically based mixed set with Flamethrower for Ferrothorn, the down side is the Speed loss, but it doesn't bother me.

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Tyranitar doesn't have that shallow of a special movepool. It has Earth Power, Dark Pulse, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Surf, Focus Blast, and Dragon Pulse. The only thing it's missing is a good rock-type move, which are scarce to begin with.
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Alright, Tyranitar is a pseudo legend with pretty good stats either side.The most used one according to sweepercalc is physical but I will give pros and cons for both.

Special pros.

  • His movepool provides great coverage.

  • His infamous Assault Vest set has coverage with ice beam and fire blast.

  • 95 special attack isn't all that bad y'know.

Special cons.

  • No special stat boosting moves.

Physical pros.

  • Dragon dance.

  • Lolwut 134 attack.

  • Endless physical coverage.

Physical cons.

  • His moves are not as powerful.(His stats do help cover that)


As his attack is higher with better boosting moves, I would go for physical but you can go for whichever helps your team better.

You can use an Assault Vest with a physical set, so why is it under the pros for special sets? I don't see how Tyrnaitar's physical moves are weaker either, Stone Edge, Crunch and Earthquake all have solid base power.
I usually do 1 special move that is really powerful like fire blast just to throw people off, 1 stat move for amping up my tyranitar, and 2 physicals.