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I never understood this ability, and wether it works for singles or only for doubles/triple battles.
I'm trying to get a perfect strategy for my Mega Gengar as a Hypnosis and Perish Song trapper but Hypnosis has only 60% Acc and since Mega Gengar can't hold items such as Zoom Lens I thought about Victini.
Does Victini's ability boosts Hypnosis' accuary and if so, by how much?
Also does Victini need to enter the battler once for Victory Star to activate permanently?


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>Victory Star:

>This Pokemon and its allies' moves have their accuracy boosted to 1.1x.

It's as simple as that, every move Victini or the Pokemon on the field with it (only the Pokemon on its team, not the foe's Pokemon) use, get a x1.1 boost to its accuracy. This means the ability is only active while Victini is out on the field.

Source: Showdown

Hypnosis' accuracy is 60%. 60x1.1= 66% accurcay.

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No, it works for singles too ;> (Victory Star would simply be a down-graded Compound Eyes in singles)