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Okay so I want an Igglybuff. I have these Pokemon. I want to know what will happen if I breed them and will it will work.

Level 57 Jigglypuff (F) | Item: Everstone
Nature: Lax
Ability: Cute Charm
Move 1: Wake-Up Slap | Move 2: Mimic | Move 3: Hyper Voice | Move 4: Double-Edge
HP: 198 | Attack: 56 | Defense: 33 | Special Attack: 73 | Speed: 41 | Special Defense: 45

Level 39 Audino (M) | Item: Everstone
Nature: Rash
Ability: Healer
Move 1: Take Down | Move 2: Entrainment | Move 3: Secret Power | Move 4: Heal Pulse (Egg Move)
HP: 137 | Defense: 74 | Special Attack: 64 | Special Defense: 69 | Speed:46

I want to know what the Igglybuff's stats will be like, what moves it will have, and it's nature.


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Disclaimer: I am assuming your Pokemon have NO EV training. If they do have some form of EV training, you will need different inputs on the IV calculator.

Well, first we need to find out your Pokemon's IVs are.

 IV (Individual Value): A value 0-31 a Pokemon has in each stat that do not change, depicting what it will be raised by at Level 100.

Why do we need to find out your IVs for stats? Because:

From Pokémon Platinum on, the baby will inherit three IVs, each from a different stat and from a random parent. Source.

Using Legendary Pokemon's IV Calculator we can get a range of what your Pokemon's IVs are. I'll be doing this in the form of HP/Atk/Def/SAtk/SDef/Speed.

Jigglypuff: 0-1 / 0-1 / 4-5 / 30-31 / 29-31 / 24
Audino: 20-22 / ??? (You forgot its attack stat!) / 5-7 / 19-21 / 13-15 / 6-7

Cool! Finding all of the possibilities is very tedious, so I made a rough estimate of what Igglybuff can have, when x is a random number between 0-31.

Igglybuff: 0-1 or 20-22 or x / 0-1 or ??? or x / 4-7 or x / 19-21 or 30-31 or x / 13-15 or 29-31 or x / 6-7 or 24 or x

Wow! That's a lot of possibilities! Here's the potential stats you can get with non-random IVs, in the form of Minimum|Maximum:

Wigglytuff: 390|412 / 145|146 / 99|102 / 213|226 / 106|122 / 101|119


For whatever nature you want, hold only one everstone, and make sure the Pokemon's nature you want is holding the Everstone. If you hold two everstones, they

cancel out (Source)

For example, in your breeding say you want the offspring to have a Lax nature. You would then give the Everstone to Jigglypuff and voila! The offspring will have a Lax nature.


According to this page, moves have a certain order of being inherited.

  • First, Volt Tackle takes precedence. Since Igglypuff is not Pichu, we don't have to worry about this.

  • Mother's egg moves. Since this is Generation V, this does not apply.

  • Father's egg moves. Since Audino has Heal Pulse, an Egg Move for Igglybuff, it will know Heal Pulse.

  • TM/HM Moves. Since none of the parents know TM and HM moves, we don't have to worry about this.

  • Inherited Level-up moves. Since none of the parents know the same moves, we don't have to worry about this.

  • Pokemon's Default Moveset. Igglybuff, at Level 1, knows Sing and Charm.

Therefore, your Pokemon's final moveset at Level 1 will be...

  • Sing
  • Charm
  • Heal Pulse
  • xxxxx

Whew! That was exhausting!
Have any questions about anything? Comment below!

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Sorry about forgetting audino's attack! That was really helpful!
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