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I've heard that Nintendo bought a trademark for 'Delta Emerald', so it seems kinda obvious for this to come out after ORAS. Have there been any leaks, eg. Coro Coro, or Pokemon Websites?


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No, there have been no official or credible source on Delta Emerald. Furthermore, video game companies often trademarks possible names for future games. A few years back Pokemon Grey was trademarked, but we haven't seen that yet. All in all, Delta Emerald isn't confirmed, and trademarking does not indicate immediate future games.

Source: http://pokemondb.net/news/55/pokemon-gray-domain-registered-by-nintendo-er-3-years-ago

also up to this point they haven't made a remake of the third game in a generation.  hopefully they'll avoid doing that.
While that fact is true (On there being no known 3rd game remake) Nintendo tends to like to break molds on things it's never done before.  A few theories can support why Nintendo trademarked Pokemon Gray, but Delta Emerald seems like an oddly specific name to trademark, especially considering ORAS coming out. (10 days from today)
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It wasn't been confirmed yet.

Some sites say it was been confirmed and other say it wasn't yet been confirmed and others say that is a fake or a rumor.
Many rumors appear like people saying that there is going to be a Pokémon Z (XY) and a Pokémon Grey (Black and White).
Until Game Freak confirms it, we need to wait!

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Thanks for answering, everyone! :D It would be cool if there was.