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So I watched the movie and it felt a bit rushed.

I've heard rumors that Cartoon Network cut some scenes out when airing it last weekend, is that true?

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I'm sure that they did. Most channels usually do that with movies to keep the shows on a certain schedule.
Full confirmation?
I can't guarantee,  since I don't know how Cartoon network cuts certain things :(
Guesses arent full answers, so I converted it.
I don't have CN so I can't check this, but you could watch the full version elsewhere and compare.
They would have mentioned it somewhere on the internet if they had. Highly doubt it was cut.
It was either cut or GameFreak was  too lazy for an exciting story plot :P

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Yes, there were at least some cuts. Dogasu's preliminary comparison for the movie goes over those that he noticed from his memory of the Japanese movie.

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