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I don't know a few of the specifics, please tell me if you do ;>

TM01: Hone Claws
Travelling TM shop (Slateport Market, $5,000)

TM02: Dragon Claw
Meteor Falls, in the dead-end back room (Same place as in originals I THINK)

TM03: Psyshock
Pacifidlog Town (House in the south-eastern part of town)

TM04: Calm Mind
Mossdeep City (after beating Tate and Liza)

TM05: Roar
Gift from a man standing with his Poochyena on Route 118

TM06: Toxic
Fiery Path, after completing one of the Strength puzzles

TM07: Hail
Shoal Cave, bottom floor

TM08: Bulk Up
After beating Brawley in Dewford Gym
Specific Location: Beat Brawly

TM09: Venoshock
Mauvile City Pokemart ($10,000)

TM10: Hidden Power
Fortree City, North of the gym is where the Hidden Power checker lives, complet the "which hand is it in" game (I think)

TM11: Sunny Day
Scorched Slab (Probably the same as the originals, at the far end piece of land, which requires surf to get to)

TM12: Taunt
Trick House, Gift from Trick Master (first puzzle)

TM13: Ice Beam
Sea Mauvile, Storage Room, last room you unlock

TM14: Blizzard
Lilycove City Department Store ($30,000)

TM15: Hyper Beam
Lilycove City Department Store ($50,000)

TM16: Light Screen
Lilycove City Department Store ($10,000)

TM17: Protect
Lilycove City Department Store ($10,000)

TM18: Rain Dance
Sea Mauvile, outside where the Scientist asks for the scanner

TM19: Roost
Beating Winona, Fortree City Gym

TM20: Safeguard
Lilycove City Department Store ($10,000)

TM21: Frustration
Pacifidlog Town (I'm think it's the same guy as Return, just if you have a low friendship lead Pokemon, he gives you that. No garuntees)

TM22: Solar Beam
Safari Zone, far north end

TM23: Smack Down
Fallarbor Town, gift from Prof. Cosmo

TM24: Thunderbolt
Mauvile City, gift from Wattson

TM25: Thunder
Lilycove City Department Store ($30,000)

TM26: Earthquake
Seafloor Cavern, final cave

TM27: Return
Pacifidlog Town, western-most house there is a man with two Marills, he will give you the TM if your lead Pokemon has a high level of happiness

TM28: Dig
Route 114, gift from Fossil Maniac’s little brother

TM29: Psychic
Ever Grande City

TM30: Shadow Ball
Mt Pyre, Floor 6, southern side

TM31: Brick Break
Sootopolis City, gift from Black Belt in most north-western house

TM32: Double Team
Route 113, ledge to the left of the Trainer Tips sign

TM33: Reflect
Lilycove City Department Store ($10,000)

TM34: Sludge Wave
Route 132 (island with the Black Belt, stand to the left of the most western rock then hop on the current, it should take you to a tiny island with the TM there.)

TM35: Flamethrower
Victory Road

TM36: Sludge Bomb
Dewford Town, gift from man in Dewford Hall after 5+ badges

TM37: Sandstorm
Route 111, southernmost point of the desert

TM38: Fire Blast
Lilycove City Department Store island with the Black Belt, stand to the left of the most western rock then hop on the current, it should take you to a tiny island with the TM there.

TM39: Rock Tomb
Rustboro Gym, after beating Roxanne

TM40: Aerial Ace
Mauvile City Pokemart ($10,000)

TM41: Torment
Slateport City, gift from sailor in Contest Hall

TM42: Façade
Mauvile City Pokemart ($10,000)

TM43: Flame Charge
Jagged Pass, South-east of the northern entrance

TM44: Rest
Lilycove City, gift from man in the house near the Acro Bike jumps

TM45: Attract
Verdanturf Town, Gift in the Contest Hall

TM46: Thief
Slateport City, gift from Magma/Aqua Grunt in the Museum

TM47: Low Sweep
Mauvile City Pokemart ($10,000)

TM48: Round
Mauvile City, woman behind the counter in Crooner’s Café

TM49: Echoed Voice
Route 104, gift from a youngster

TM50: Overheat
Lavaridge Town, after beat Flannery

TM51: Steel Wing
Granite Cave, gift from Steven

TM52: Focus Blast
Lilycove City Department Store ($30,000)

TM53: Energy Ball
Safari Zone

TM54: Flase Swipe
Rustboro City, gift from man in Pokemart

TM55: Scald
Seafloor Cavern, top right room after the first Strength puzzle & water current

TM56: Fling
Pacifidlog Town
Gift from man in the house NW of Pokemon Center

TM57: Charge Beam
Mauvile City Pokemart ($10,000)

TM58: Sky Drop
Mauvile City, gift from woman in the Pokemart

TM59: Incinerate
Mt Chimney, under the bridge where you fight Archie/Maxie

TM60: Quash
Mossdeep City , answer "Yes' to the woman in the far right of the Pokemart

TM61: Will-O-Wisp
Mt. Pyre, first outdoor area above the exit to the next area

TM62: Acrobatics
Route 119, after going up the waterfall, clearing the Kecleon and over the Acro Bike bridge.

TM63: Embargo
SS Tidal from a Bug Maniac

TM64: Explosion
Sky Pillar

TM65: Shadow Claw
Granite Cave

TM66: Payback
Mirage Island

TM67: Retaliate
Petalburg Gym, after beating Norman

TM68: Giga Impact
Lilycove City Department Store ($50,000 )

TM69; Rock Polish
Jagged Pass

TM70: Flash
Granite Cave, gift from the Hiker

TM71: Stone Edge
Lilycove City Department Store ($30,000)

TM72: Volt Switch
Mauvile City Gym, after beating Wattson

TM73: Thunder Wave
Slateport City, Travelling TM shop ($5,000)

TM74: Gyro Ball
Mirage Island

TM75: Swords Dance
Lavaridge Town, gift from Black Bet outside the Pokemon Center (answer “no”)

TM76: Struggle Bug
Slateport City, Travelling TM shop ($5,000)

TM77: Psych Up
Route 133, gift from a Psychic on one of the Northern Islands

TM78: Bulldoze
Mauvile City Pokemart ($10,000)

TM79: Frost Breath
Shoal Cave

TM80: Rock Slide
Route 134

TM81: X-Scissor
Victory Road, top of a waterfall after exiting Victory RoadTM Number: 81

TM82: Dragon Tail
Mauvile City Pokemart ($10,000)

TM83: Infestation
Sootopolis City, Lisla's fan

TM84: Poison Jab
Mirage Mountain

TM85: Dream Eater
Safari Zone entrance, gift from a man directly below the PC

TM86: Grass Knot
Fortree City

TM87: Swagger
Battle Resort, gift from a woman in the daycare asking for $100

TM88: Sleep Talk
Lilycove City (one of the houses)

TM89: U-turn
Mauvile City, Mauvile Hills Aparment, on balcony of apartment 11

TM90: Substitute
Mirage Island

TM91: Flash Cannon
Mirage Island

TM92: Trick Room
Trick House (reward)

TM93: Wild Charge
Safari Zone

TM94: Secret Power
Route 11, gift from Aarune in front of Secret Base tree

TM95: Snarl
Mirage Cave

TM96: Nature Power
Fiery Path (From Aarune if you have Heat badge)

TM97: Dark Plse
Team Magma/Aqua hideout

TM98: Power-Up Punch
Mauvile City Pokemart ($10,000)

TM99: Dazzling Gleam
Route 123, gift from a little girl east of the Berry Master's house

TM100: Confide
Slateport City, Travelling TM shop ($5,000)

HM01: Cut
Rustboro City, from Cut Master

HM02: Fly
Route 119, gift from Brendan/May

HM03: Surf
Petalburg City, gift after beating the gym

Route 112, gift from Brendan/May

HM05: Waterfall
Sootopolis Gym, beat Wallace

HM06: Rock Smash
Mauvile City, gift from Wally’s Uncle after beating Wally

HM07: Dive
Mossdeep City (I believe it is a gift from Steven after beating Tate and Liz)

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TM77 is Route 133, not 113. Just a typo I noticed lol.
Corrected; thanks for pointing that out.
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The TMs list are here

HMs List :

Cut - Rustboro City
Fly- Route 119
Surf-Petalburg City
Strength-Route 112
Waterfall-Sootopolis City
Rock Smash-Mauville City
Dive- Mossdeep City

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Could you type out the TMs here as well?