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what is berry mutation?
I wanted to know this myself. @MechSteelix: Berry Mutation was introduced in X and Y. It uses basic berries (Oran, Pecha, Cheri, etc.) to make rarer berries (Pomeg, Hondew, etc.). This was done by planting specific berries next to each other, and once the Berry trees were full grown one of them would have one or two "mutant berries". Here's a link on how to mutate berries in X and Y: http://www.serebii.net/xy/berryfields.shtml

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It looks like it, because serebii said so. it doesn't tell you how to find or make any mulch, unfortunately.

P.S.- It's in the miscellaneous section, near the bottom.

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The link goes to the Pokéball page.
Can someone teach me how to do that link thing with only one word?