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What are the best places to train Pokemon for their level such as 1-10 11-20 21-30 and so on... Plz help any sort of answer related to this is appreciated thank you in advance

I would just say to train in the areas where you have those level Pokemons. For example, train level 1-10 around Littleroot town. Battle Resort and Victory Road/Pokemon League for 50-60 and so on.

Hope this helped-
MightyMudkip :)
I just give the pokemon i want to level up an EXP Share, then go fight a load of really strong pokemon, that works.
In the sky with soar is my answer
rather rude dont you think

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There's a lot of ways, some more difficult then others

  1. Get your friends to make secret bases with Lvl 100 Audino's with no moves!
  2. Repetitively battle the elite-4 and champion
  3. Repetitively battle wally (Not easy)
  4. Battle those battle resort 1 type trainers

For all levels use exp share with those strategy's with lucky egg :D

Give all the Audino Heal Pulse!!!
Or you could use Blissey (with Heal Pulse) for the Secret Bases. Put the Comfortable Bed decoration to heal your Pokémon too.
Your pokemon are healed right after the battle with your friends in secret bases
Blissey secret bases (all lvl 100 with healing wish) are even better than Audino bases.
Um. That's the EV yield. Not the Exp yield
Good point though.
Audino's give more EXP when defeated
Blissey has a BEY of 608
Audino has a BEY of 390
Blissey should be much better.