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I have Alpha Sapphire and I went into a Mirage Cave (I can't remember exactly where) and I could catch Ditto in the cave. So I thought "I'll just encounter lots of Ditto and raise my DexNav to a high level, then catch a 3 star Ditto (which is suppose to have three perfect IVs). So I finally caught a three star Ditto and when I took it to the judge in the Battle Resort, it didn't even have one perfect IV! My only theory for this is that I caught the Ditto while it was transformed into my Lombre, which did not have good IVs. So basically, my question is: When Ditto transforms into a Pokemon, does it keep that Pokemons IVs even after you catch it? Or did something else cause my problem?

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Can you recall what EVs it has gained? Because you could use an IV calculator to see.
Interesting theory
+1 because I am curious and it is a good question.
try comparing your lombre's rating to the ditto's, see if it matches up.
No. [filler]
Skynet is actually right; it might work
Game Freak might have dun goofed :P

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Maybe you chose the ditto that doesn't have perfect ivs and you thought it was the one with perfect ivs?Cause when I caught a ditto with 3 stars, it transformed into my Poochyena (which has no perfect ivs), that ditto had 3 perfect ivs. Just catch another ditto with 3 stars and see if it has 3 perfect ivs. If it doesn't have 3 perfect ivs, maybe it's a glitch. You can always check the ivs of a Pokemon in iv calculators around the net. Maybe the judge was wrong

Oh I just found the problem.  The ditto I caught had three clear stars, not white stars.  So that was actually a 0 IV ditto...  Sorry I had never caught a 3 IV Pokemon and didn't know that the stars had to be white.  Thanks anyway!
Oh wow. xD
Shame... I was looking forward to farming 6IV dittos... :(