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I am EV training my Froakie and Ive come across a horde of Bellsprout, defeating all 5 of them would give me too much EV. I only need to defeat three of them, so if I defeat three of them and then run away, will it count as EV for Froakie? And I'm having a higher level Pokemon do the work so will Froakie really get EVs?


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You get EVs for every Pokemon you defeat

If a Pokémon levels up in the middle of a battle, its stats will
update assuming there are EVs to add from a previously defeated
opponent, but EVs from the opponent that caused it to level up will
not be added until after the experience points have been completely
added. This entire mechanic was overhauled in Pokémon Black and White
Versions 2; EVs are now added before Experience, so if the victorious
Pokémon gains enough Experience to level up, its new stats when
displayed in battle including the new EVs.

Yes if you did defeat 3 Bellsprout and ran away Froakie would gain 3EVs in Attack

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