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Here's the problem I got Pokemon alpha sapphire and I have a Pokemon black with the best Pokemon it has every legendary in sinnoh, kanto, johto, and unova I got them from other games like diamond soulsilver and black using poke transfer lab and I want to bring it into alpha sapphire i've beat the elite four and did the delta epsiode and i've downloaded Pokemon bank cause it's the way to trade it and I can't even use it I looked in settings it said I have it but its not on my home screen its just not there and I tried everything to find but still nothing i've seen other people use it and it's on there's and mine isn't i've used guides and everything it even says i'm using up blocks on my sd card If this helps, I dont have an ID for eshop and I downloaded Pokemon bank 1.2 not the other one. someone please help.


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Space on your SD card is not unlimited . I suggest you delete a downloaded content that you don't need ,maybe ? If not you can always grab a few SD card for 3DS/XL.
You can buy SD cards on sites like The Official Nintendo Store as well as eBay,Amazon and Argos.
SD cards in the Official Nintendo Store here

All compatiable SD cards are :

4GB SDSDRX3-4096
8GB SDSDRX3-8192-A21
16GB SDSDRX3-016G-A21
32GB SDSDRX3-032G-A21
16GB SDSDXS-016G-A46
32GB SDSDXS-032G-A46
16GB SDSDXP-016G-A46
32GB SDSDXP-032G-A46


Yes you are probably wincing at this word, but you have to pay for Pokemon Bank.

This fee is ¥500 in Japan, $4.99 in the United States and Canada,
£4.49 in the United Kingdom, €4.99 in Europe, $6.50 in Australia,
$8.50 in New Zealand, ₩5000 in South Korea, $150 in Taiwan, $40 in
Hong Kong and R$ 8.99 in Brazil.

Contact Nintendo

If nothing works the only thing you can do is probably contact Nintendo.
Or you can go on their Tech Help Forums

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I HAVE HAD THIS PROBLEM AND I HAVE FOUND THE SOLUTION!! I downloaded the FIRST Pokemon Bank that showed up on the search screen. It was called Pokemon Bank UPDATE 1.2. My stupid self downloaded that thinking it was the actual software and I was pissed when it did not create a shortcut to my home screen. So pissed in fact I called nintendo and they were of no help at all. The problem is when I searched for Pokemon Bank all I inputed was 'Pokemon" and I downloaded the first I saw. You need to enter "Pokemon Bank" into the search bar and the UPDATE 1.2 will show up, and THEN you'll see the actual APP called Pokemon Bank!! You still have to have to update downloaded but having just the update downloaded will not allow you to use the app. I hope this helps!