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This is Pokemon alpha sapphire.

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Have you got the AS update ?
Updating your 3DS isn't the same as updating the game. You have to do the game update separately.

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A 3DS Update is not the same as a Game Update

By updating your 3DS system, you get bug fixes, eShop content, etc. By updating your ORAS game (or any game), you get all of the patches and bug fixes for that game. This is how you will be able to access the PSS. To update your game:

1- Turn on the 3DS system (duh)

2- Open the eShop

3- Type your game into the search bar

4- The first option that comes up should be something like "Alpha Sapphire Version 'X'" (let X represent the update number)

5- Select the Update option and proceed to update

6- Wait a few minutes for the update to finish

7- Open your ORAS game and use the PSS

Enjoy your PSS access, compliments of Nintendo! (And moi.)

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Whenever I open the game, it tries to make me update it. Well it did before I updated it anyway.  You could always get to the eShop that way.
Nice procedural writing!