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I have used a power save and none of my Pokemon are event Pokemon
I am trying to battle alpha sapphire to alpha sapphire

Tell us what the Pokemon are that you can't use.
Slacking   with assault vest
Greninja with weakness policy
Kangaskan with the kangaskanite
Rayquaza with red card
Ramparados with rocky helmet
Umbrella with razor fang
All are shiny if that has anything to do with it
Have you or your friend set the rules to 'flat rules'? If so, change it. As a legendary, Rayquaza counts as 'special'.

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You've hacked the Pokemon to be permanently mega
Theres an option in powersave to edit your Pokemon to being pernamently mega.


You have a shiny locked Pokemon thats shiny
For instance you have a shiny Zapdos from X and Y, but Zapdos is shiny locked.


You have a Pokemon that you genned in
This is your most likely problem. If you used to genning option (I.e. you have the dex no. of a Pokemon in your bag, in masterballs) and then you genned it in, the game will know it was hacked and wasn't optioned legitimately and so wont let you battle with it.

Basically when ORAS says you have a "Special Pokemon" its either saying you have an event exclusive Pokemon, or a hacked Pokemon.
I think you most likely have the last problem, if you genned it say, a hitmontop, it would have been genned in to the pokecentre delivery lady and she would have given you the hitmontop at level 10 with hiddenpower. If you did that, the game will say it was special and wont let you battle with it.

So the second one is probably right however I can't still use my legitimate team and my mate can use his power save team against me