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Mega Aggron completely outclasses Mega Steelix so don't bother with him in higher tiers

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Sorry Dragons. Not trying to suppress your answer or anything, but going descriptive.

Mega Steelix
Major defensive stat
Usable offense allows it to dish out hits really well
When in sand, this thing can be unstoppable
Access to Stealth Rocks means that almost guaranteed SR with those defenses
Heavy Slam is boss on this thing
Gyro Ball works well as well
Elemental Fangs are good and it gets access to them
Earthquake and Stone Edge will hit HARD

Special Defense is not the greatest out there and can be easily KO'd with a special super-effective hit
Movepool is not great
In Wonder Room (do people even use this?) this thing is so vulnerable
Taunt + Will-O-Wisp Sableye shuts it down
Extremely low speed might cost you the game

Good Pokemon, but only used to maximum potential under Trick Room and Sandstorm
A good set:
Steelix @ Steelixite
Ability: Sturdy ---> Sand Force
Nature: Brave/Adamant
EVs: 252 Hp/56 Atk/200 Def
-Stealth Rocks
-Heavy Slam/Gyro Ball (depends on nature)
-Rock Slide/Stone Edge (singles or doubles)
-Curse/Explosion/Dragon Tail
Last slot is of your choice. Swear, explode or use your tail? xD

Mega Slowbro
Extreme Defense stat like Steelix can be further boosted by Iron Defense and completely annoy the opponent
Slack Off pisses everyone off
Calm Mind can help boost that on par special defense stat
Icy Wind makes for a good doubles move
Gets Fire Blast. This seems a little bizarre doesn't it?
Can set up Trick Room by itself without any needed support

Might not get to live to Greninja or Bisharp in the new VGC
Gengar is quite common so this thing dies easily
(doesn't really count) Looks like dinner to me
Most people might see this as a threat in doubles and eliminate it first before it stes up
Also does not have the biggest movepool out there
Good Pokemon with and without Trick Room. Just watch out for special attackers though.
A good set:
Slowbro @ Slowbronite
Ability: Oblivious ---> Shell Armor
Nature: Calm/Modest
EVs: 200 Hp/56 Def/56 Sp.atk/200 Sp.def/
-Slack Off
-Calm Mind
-Psyshock/Flamethrower/Fire Blast/Grass Knot

Hope I helped!
-It's a secret!

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You can also run crobro,
252 HP
252 DEF
Calm mind
Sleep talk
Rest stops it from getting toxic stalled, scald can fetch burns and this thing eats up hits
Thanks so much
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Well, M-Slowbro and M-Steelix are viable competitively as Walls. M-Steelix is more of a Defensive wall with that HUMONGOUS defense stat, possibly the M-Rayquaza Stopper and M-Slowbro is a Mixed wall with Calm mind,and it gets access to Slack off for HP. If you want my Recommended sets. Just comment

What's with the bolded answer?
Yeah sure it wont hurt to have a set
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Mega slow bro is a good for competitive play but mega steelix is Acually really good with the right set and team. The best loveseat for steelix is curse rest sleep talk and heavy slam.curse will up your stats rest will heal you up use sleep talk while your asleep and due massive damage with heavy slam because we all know steelix weighs a ton. And with this set steelix can be one he'll of a sweeper with the right team. Use other Pokemon that have sword dance or amnesia and pass the stat boost with baton pass and steelix will just reck every thing in its path. And yes steelixes special defense isn't the best but its not gonna be one shot by anything because its not bad by no means. Just get the right team and move set and you'll be flying to the top with steelix in no time.