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Which one of the two? Nothing else really to say.

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With technician, Mega Drain's base power becomes 60. Compared to Energy Ball's power of 90, it ultimately depends on what you'd rather have your Roserade do. Though personally, I'd choose Magical Leaf. It's basically a grass type Aura Sphere with the Technician boost.

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Even with the technician boost energy ball still does more damage, that being the case energy ball is the better option.

Technician Mega Drain Base Power 40 x 1.5 = 60
Energy Ball Base Power = 90

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No, stab. Energy ball actually has eighty so eighty plus stab is 120 and technican adds 50 more base power to moves and after that it's only ten less power so mega drain is the better choice for a setup one which I use(setup as in both types of spikes) EDIT:technican acts before stab so base power is brought to 90 and 90 divided by 2=45 and 90+45=135 so it's more power. Offensive or not,  mega drain>energy ball.
Technician boosts moves with 60 base power or lower