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I currently have a jolly early bird kangaskhan with perfect IVs in Hp, attack, and speed. I would like to breed the kangaskhan again so that I can get a jolly/adamant scrappy kangaskhan with those perfect IVs. However, all I have is a destiny knot, a ditto (no perfect IVs), power items, and an ever stone. Any suggestions on what to do, I'm not a really good breeder :(


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Step 1

Go onto the DB Chat, Showdown or trading forums and try get a better Pokemon than Ditto. As of now with the Ditto and Kangashan its near impossible to get a 5/6IV Pokemon.
At least 2/3 perfect IVs will do.

Step 2

After you manage to get a better Breeding Partner give your Jolly Kanga the everstone.
The give the other Pokemon a Destiny Knot. Keep Breeding until you get a Pokemon with higher IVs than the parent (s). Swap out the lower IV parent for the higher IV Baby. Keep repeating this until you get a good IV spread

Another Method

Try and keep a watch out for Giveaways. Places like the Reddit Giveaway Section do good IV giveaways which could be Kangas.

People do giveaways there.

Pokemon Sites

This and This and This

Ask Me

I have okayish IV Pokemon which could breed with Kanga

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Ooo, that would be great! Do you want me to send you the kanga or do you want to send me the pokemon :)