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@Generekt: This question is reeking of immaturity; http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/228520/do-pokemon-poop
Darn SHOOT! Which idiot gave me a down vote
Asexual breeding is the process of breeding by oneself, which some animals are capable of. This question isn't entirely stupid.
Lol I know but that's an obviously stupid question. This sounds somewhat serious.
Well... I would cross asexual breeding off cuz we put two pokemon in the day care :/

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They mate. It's like how it works in real life - you don't need to put the animals in luxury in order for them to do their thing. They'll just have the intercourse.

The Pokemon that can't breed are either legendary Pokemon, or their evolutions can. If they don't fit into those categories (which I don't think they do) then Game Freak Logic.

Hope I helped. :)

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Hence why you can't breed Baby Pokémon.
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Pokémon don't really breed, the Egg just "comes from nowhere", according to every daycare person ever. We an also presume that since Pokémon is primarily a kids franchise, Game Freak can't just go around making into National Geographic :)

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I don't see why this was downvoted
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They mate, if they do it by themselves then why do you need to put to Pokemon in the day care

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