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Yesterday I tried my luck at the lottery but the lady said that I should come back tomorrow, ok wierd Inthought so here I am again today and she still says that I have to come back tomorrow. I don't know if this is an error with the internal clock but how do I fix this

have you been changing the time on your game system?
I did it once, but even before that, it didn't work

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From what I learned about my question on the Lake Trio.... if you have changed the time no time based events will work fo 24 hours. If you haven't changed the time maybe one may consider it a day but it has not been 24 hours try later, wait a day, wait longer than a day. If none of these woked Google it or read the manual (hey, it's worth a shot.)

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Making certain changes to your 3DS date/time will lock you out of "daily" events for a couple of days. Don't change the time again, it'll wear off eventually.
But as stated by Brooke in [this][1] forum, try staying connected to the Internet
(do some Wondertrades and Battles) and it should fix itself.

Hope it works
[1]: http://www.neoseeker.com/forums/60943/t1928000-please-help-daily-events-not-change-in-pokemon/

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