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I plan on using mine as a Physical Attacker (since it has an Adamant Nature) and it has its Hidden Ability Speed Boost. I don't know much about competitive playing/battling, but I was wondering if there is any point in EV-Training a Speed Boost Blaziken in Speed. Most people give out max evs to Blaziken's speed, since it's "okay-ish", but with Speed Boost, it would be able to outspeed faster opponents later on during the battle (unless it switches out), Although I would understand at least a little bit of EVs going into speed.


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Blaziken has a base speed of 80. That's pretty poor even in NU, and Speed Boost Blaziken is an Uber tier Pokemon.

So lets assume all your Pokemon & your opponent's have 31 IVs in speed.

Blaziken will be at 196 with no EVs. After 1 Speed Boost (x1.5), its speed will be 294.

However, with full speed EVs, its speed will be at 259. After 1 Speed Boost (x1.5), its speed will be at 388.5. That's enough to outspeed:
- Timid Gengar (350)
- Modest M-Gengar (359)
- Modest Mewtwo (359)
- Timid Darkrai (383)
- Timid Greninja (377)
- Timid Shaymin-Sky (388; speed tie)
- Jolly M-Lucario (355)

So yea. Speed EVs are definitely worthwhile on Blaziken, because it got base 70 defences which means your chances of getting another speed boost without attacking are slim.

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I see.  So the EV spread of a Physical Attacking Blaziken with Speed Boost would be something like this:  4HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd, right?
Yep, that's the standard set most run.
Can you outspeed A Mega Beedrill With Jolly Nature 252 Ev's In Speed And Attack With A Mega Blaziken At Lvl 100 With Adamant Nature 252 EV'S In Speed And Attack(With 1 Speed Boost)?
It might do to ask that as a separate question, but yes +1 252 Speed Mega Blaziken is faster than unboosted Mega Beedrill.