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Where do I get the Destiny Knot in ORAS and can I get multiple of it in some way? I don't want to hack.


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Pokemon Contests
After you beat the Master Rank Contest, there is a chance a fan may give you won.

Lois and Hans
Thr two couples that are in Sea Mauville have a random chance of handing out one in a rematch.

These are the only ways really...

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There a 3 ways total I believe
1. Just go to Sea Mauville, go inside and down until you get to the first door on the right. Battle the couple inside that room until they give you the Destiny Knot (it's completely random)
2. Complete a Master Rank in a contest, and talk to one of the fans (you can get multiple this way, although it's also random)
3. Use a Pokemon with the ability Pick Up, which replaces the Prism Scale in ORAS