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Eviolite rest talk curse and blank I need a fourth move, 252 hp 248 Special deffense 6 deffense(curse boost) I want something that couldn't be walled easily, like no fire punch for flash fire heatran and the likes, and the oh so common ghost type walls hammer arm. I play no tiers but I like to play ou and below if it helps. Thanks!

Well flare blits would be great as its got the Power and with rest and talk recoil damage will be healed :) you have to live with the fact that flash fire heatran will wall. I mean any move you put can be walled by another power so i see no reason why flareblitz cant do the job

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Pignite's typing is Fire and Fighting. You are probably going to want a STAB move, even if it's going to be walled. Besides, you only have room for one attack and that one attack is going to be walled no matter what type it is. STAB is the way to go, and there are several to consider:

Flare Blitz

This is probably the best attacking option. It deals good amounts of damage, with recoil being shrugged off by Rest. If you are worried about being walled by Heatran, let me tell you this: Pignite is going to be killed by a Talonflame or Crawdaunt long before it gets to Heatran.

Fire Punch

Pretty much a weaker Flare Blitz with no recoil.


Fighting STAB that works well if you already have several Curses set up to negate the Attack and Defense drops.

Hammer Arm

Much like Superpower, only with no Attack or Defense reduction. Curse already cuts Speed, so the drop is not as worrisome.

Head Smash

It's not STAB, and it misses more than Flare Blitz, but it can act as a surprise check to Talonflame or Mega Charizard Y on the switch.

Iron Head/Tail

Kill Fairies, although Pignite is pitifully slow and will most likely get outsped. Iron Head is weaker than Iron Tail, but has superior accuracy and vice versa.

Thunder Punch

Hits Flying- and Water-types. However, it will almost always fail to KO and then Pignite will be swamped with retaliating STAB Scalds and Brave Birds.

Zen Headbutt

Covers the likes of Machamp, Mega Lopunny, etc., but it sucks for doing anything else.

Gyro Ball

Pairs well with Curse, but is otherwise a poor attack on Pignite.

Poison Jab

Hit Fairies. See Iron Head/Tail

Stone Edge/Rock Slide

Decent attacks overall, Rock gives some good coverage. Stone Edge is essentially a Head Smash with less power, same accuracy, and no recoil.

Wild Charge

See Thunder Punch.

Sucker Punch

Horrible on a non-Sub set, but you can play mind games with Gengar and such.

As for Nature, an Adamant one would be most beneficial for these moves. However, Pignite has an okay Special movepool with gems like Focus Blast, Grass Knot, and Heat Wave/Flamethrower. It is also one of the only Fire-types to learn Scald, other than Emboar.

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Headsmash is too dangerous, 1/2 of recoil it wont be staying for a long time even with rest
Hey, he asked and I delivered. I just suggested anything with the slightest viability.
Well atleast tell the bad side of the move 0.0