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Something silly like a rhyme or song.


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Well the basic type Match-up is Grass, Fire, and Water. Here's how it works:

Grass Burns in Fire

Fire Depleats by Water

Water Gets Cut Up by Grass

But that's only for the simple ones. Comment if you want more added.

EDIT: I got more!

Fairy gets poisoned by Poison and Crushed by Steel

Steel gets shaken up by Ground, gets punched by Fighting and burned by Fire

Normal gets punched by Fighting

Psychic gets a nightmare by Dark and eaten by Bug

Dark gets punched by Fighting and sucked by Bug

Poison gets shaken by Ground and gets mental by Psychic

Bug is burned by Fire, eaten by Flying, and crushed by Rock

Ground is watered by water, frozen by Ice, and shaped by Grass

Flying is thrown off by Rock and frozen by Ice

Rock is shaken by Ground, broken by Fighting, and sliced by Steel

Electric is un-sparked by Ground

I have NO clue if I did then all, but that's reLlt all from Edit 1!

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More added please! ;)
Also thanks!
That is a good list ... thanks x1000000
"Ground gets mental by Psychic"

I died laughing :D
Psychic Pokemon must be really mean, making other Pokemon mental.
Un-sparked? You are AMAZING......