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So I desperately need a way to get my priceless Destiny Knot from my Pokémon X to my Omega Ruby, and I found myself with two options: One, physically trade it from X to ΩRuby. Unfortunately, I don't have a second 3DS. Second, I could put up a worthless Pokémon on the GTS, ask for something worthless that I have on my ΩRuby, then voila! My Destiny Knot is on my ΩRuby. But I don't know if the XY GTS is compatible with the ORAS GTS. Since you can trade/battle between them, I assume it does, but can anyone confirm this?

or you can win a master contest an get a destiny knot from the fans
I don't have enough patience, and I need it ASAP.

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Yes you can. I've used it. Source:expirence

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the only thing that doesn't work is trading mega stones from as/or, that x/y don't have. example: slowbronite. also the primal stones for groudon/kyogre can't be traded to x/y.