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Definitely Darmanitan.

For a number of reasons,

  • Darmanitan has the higher Attack stat of the two.
  • Flareon has completely useless stats invested into Special Attack and both Defences.
  • Darmanitan is faster (better for a sweeper).
  • Yes, Flareon gets Guts but as it is fire type it can only use the Toxic Orb which just whittles it down too quickly.
  • Darmanitan gets Sheer Force.

Also if you take a look at the tiers. Darmanitan is UU, which may not be OU but has some powerhouses like Hydreigon and Lucario to name a few.
Flareon is PU. PU is the lowest of the low, Think Bibarel.

There's also the fact that Darmanitan has a much better move pool than possibly the worst Eeveelution. Take a look at some moveset examples:

My advice definitely go Darmanitan. But if you're set on Flareon only use it in the right tiers or it will be destroyed.

Hey, don't hate on Bibarel. He has the best abilities in the game, IMO... LOL i know Bibarel is still bad though :(
Oh Bibarel if only you weren't so awful with your awesome ability..
And Flareon has really terrible HP and it's best Physical STAB move, Flare Blitz is basically a suicide bomb.
True that
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Darmanitan without a doubt

Here are my personal reasons:

  • Darmanitan may have a weaker base stat total, but Flareon's potential is wasted on Special Defense, which is dumb because most powerful Rock and Ground moves are physical attacks, and will dominate Flareon's poor defense and speed
  • Darmanitan learns some of the most powerful moves in the game at very early levels, such as Thrash, Flare Blitz and Superpower. This way, you have a lot of options for powerful and potentially OHKO moves. Flareon's most powerful moves are Flare Blitz and Last Resort, and these are hardly useful, with Last Resort's lack of coverage or STAB, and Flare Blitz's recoil does not pair well with Flareon's base 65 HP.
  • Darmanitan's dream world ability allows it to switch forms when it takes a lot of damage, causing a massive boost in Defense and both Special stats. This allows it to tank damage while you heal it and makes good use of the move Overheat. Flareon's poor defense and lack of any kind of reliable recovery move mean it will more than likely be OHKOed, and its ability, Guts, is pretty much worthless because the only way to start with the speed boost is to give it a toxic orb. I refer to previously mentioned bad HP stat.

This is why you should choose Darmanitan. If you really want Flareon, that's fine. But you'll need to be much more careful with it in battle, and its poor speed makes it unsuitable for sweeping, wasting its above average attack.

Nice point about Zen Mode