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I have a dilemma..I have a bulky Meowstic that I used in multiple competitive battles, and it worked great, then I realized Togekiss has much better defensive and HP stats, and thought the Follow Me tactic would be genious to use with it. There's only room for 1 of them in my team, and I can't figure out which has better potential. Any help?

The Follow Me Strategy is ideal only in a Double Battle (Triple) , while Prankster can allow you to squeeze in ailments no matter the format.
Of course, I'm making a double battle team. Should have said that from the beginning. But both of them can be used easily in double battle, Meowstic can throw up screens before my opponent attacks, but the bulkier Togekiss can take more punishment before it goes down. Especially holdin a sitrus berry

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So, you're trying to decide between having a male meowstic with the ability prankster, or a togekiss with the move follow me.

So, prankster meowstic is a pretty wise choice seeing that it's his hidden ability and that meowstic has a lot of status moves. Therefore, you can use him early in battle to weaken your Pokemon and infect that with powerful moves such as toxic, attract etc. Also, he would be a great choice since he's fast, and it seems that no matter who you're facing, prankster would mostly give him a huge lead.

Togekiss who has the move follow me allows for him to become the target. To me, this would be wiser to choose if your battling Pokemon that your stronger against (such as Pokemon with ressitances or immunities to you). Otherwise it's bad. But, on the other hand, this leaves your second partner (since follow only works in double battles - maybe triple) a free shot at your opponents. This is also great since togekiss is a fast Pokemon too who excels in sp. attack and sp. defense.

Based on this, both are excellent choices and if you're doing a double battle, you should both these Pokemon with these restrictions on your team. If your going solo or one Pokemon at a time, I would highly recommend choosing togekiss over meowstic. They're both great, but togekiss excels 10% more than meowstic.

You may agree or disagree

Hopefully I've helped!

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Thank you for the help! I'll go with Togekiss, i just needed someone input on who was the better support/wall.
Glad to help!