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I asked what is the toughest Pokemon of all time, so now I'm asking the opposite, which is the weakest Pokemon? Based on stats of course.


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This adorable little sunflower seed has the lowest base stats of any other Pokemon: 180.

With 30 in each stat this Pokemon so far is the weakest.

Sunkern has the lowest base stat total of all Pokémon, with a total of 180 points.

Hopefully I've Helped!

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It has a base stat total of 425 and no
Thanks, and Sunflora's stats are still pretty low.
I think I prefer LucarioMaster448's answer better (but this is just my opinion) because he mentions Unown as a weak poke. It is sorta true in a sense; only getting Hidden Power and having limited usage in competitive/ingame play. And it can't evolve.
But, "based on stats of course," was the stipulation put in the question. :)
Wishiwashi Solo Form is now the weakest Pokémon ever with 175 BST.
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By stat total,
Sunkern with 180

By moveset,
Unown only getting Hidden Power

By looks (my opinion)
Magikarp cause it looks stupid

Overall, I think unown is the weakest overall because of its terrible moveset, bad defenses (48/48/48), and only decent Special Attack (72). Hope I helped!

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The weakest Pokémon is Sunkern with its base stat total at a whopping.....180

Thank you! Also, you answered really fast, that's great, thanks!
what about unown and magikarp I mean at least sunkern has a movepool
Magikarp at least evolves into something good
I asked for stats, Infinity Mew