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My planned set for Floatzel:
Ice punch
Brick Break

My planned set for Glaceon:
Ice beam
Water Pulse
Shadow Ball
Signal beam/Hail

I know Glaceon is more specially based, and Floatzel more physically based, but their first three moves cover the EXACT same types. If Glaceon is useless this way, is there a way to make them be differnet enough while being in the same team?

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Is this in-game or competitive?

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If this is your suggested team and moves, you could choose either one. Glaceon is a more special person than floatzel is physical. Floatzel also is really good in speed meaning that he could attack earlier. Glaceon has a lot of defense, therefore he has defend himself and still use his moves. Floatzel however can almost be killed in approximately 1-3 turns. They're both sinnoh Pokemon. I think I would go with glaceon more, but I don't see a reason why you shouldn't have both in your party - and they're both different types. Therefore, the other Pokemon can take your place

But, it's up to your choice!

Hope I helped! :)

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So is it true that, in reality, the types of the moves dont matter for covergae that much, but more the types of the Pokemon themselves?
In a sense. Pokemon get this thing call STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) which powers up moves of their type. But if a Pokemon has a high enough stat, say Sp. Atk then a non STAB, super effective Thunderbolt would still do a lot. So coverage is viable, just have the stats to back it up! :)