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today I was battling a random Pokemon breeder on the battle tower I defeated the first two of his Pokemons and his last Pokemon is girafarig, I sent out floatzel and something strange happens it can outspeed my floatzel even being so fast how that's possible?

floatzel has 115 base speed right? and girafarig has 85 base speed was his girafarig holding an item that boosts speed or something because that's not normal...

What's your Floatzel's level and speed stat? What's the Girafarig's level? What move did Floatzel use when it got outsped? Did Girafarig outspeed Floatzel on Girafarig's first turn in battle? Are you sure Floatzel's speed wasn't lowered earlier?
all battle tower pokemon are all level 50 no priority moves or speed drops and girafarig didn't use or has any priority move
BTW i should go to the move releaner and relearn aqua jet and solve those situations :P
Correct me if I'm wrong, but just because a Pokemon's BASE speed is lower than another Pokemon's doesn't mean that it's speed stat will always be lower.
What's your Floatzel's speed stat? Did Girafarig outspeed Floatzel on Girafarig's first turn in battle?

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The information you provided is inadequate to determine which Pokemon shall move first. The speed stat is not determined by the base stat alone, but a variety of other factors too.

The net speed stat is determined by the formula:

(Base stat)level/50) + (IVs)(level)/100 + (EVs)(level)/400

The Girafarig likely had EVs and IVs which allowed it to outspeed your Floatzel. Or it may be using a Choice Scarf, or may have used a speed-boosting move such as Agility.

You should learn about EVs and IVs if you don't know about them already

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Choice Scarf most likely. If you see some weird animation and he goes first then it might be Quick Claw. However after so many wins it just becomes pure hacks. That's the only reason I can think off. Most of the time the Battle Tower is full of stuff that should be impossible such as slower Pokemon going first without using priority moves or choice scarf and I'm saying this based on experience.

Are you sure its speed was exactly 169 when its level was 50?
Close. I think it was around 167.
What a nonsense answer, impossible things don't happen in Pokemon.
That's not true. Some "impossible" things can happen. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Game_move_errors
That's different. The Pokemon with the highest speed stat will always move first, these are the core mechanics of the game.  All Pokemon have their original base stat total in all battles. Idk if he used roar or something, but I'm sure that he's either lying or missing out on some information.