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First, my Aerodactyl had already received max defense (Mew Barrier- Baton Pass to Scolipede) and 4x speed boost from Scolipede (baton pass). When I entry the field I have my mega evolution and protect straight away, cause the opponent was still trying to defeat my Scolipede, so I got protected. Then why I did not have the speed priority? The opponent defeated me using Body Slam!!! Even if his Mega Aggron was max Ev and IV on speed and nature that would never be able to outspeeded me, right? I had a jolly nature 31 IV and 252+ Speed. I tried to use whirlwind move on it when I got defeated by the Body Slam (which my Scolipede was able to stand 2x direct hits without faint). What am I missing here? The move (body slam) is not priority. It was a new turn between Mega-Aerodactyl and Mega-Aggron and Mega-Aerodactyl was with 438 stats plus the boosts received from baton pass and the opponent never had a single boost move or ability passed to/from any other Pokemon. ???


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This is normal. The move you used, Whirlwind, has -6 priority and thus will almost always move last. The only time you will move first using Whirlwind is if your opponent also used a move that is in the -6 priority bracket and your Pokemon was faster, or if you opponent used Trick Room which has -7 priority. Body Slam has 0 priority, so it will always move before Whirlwind.

Whirlwind has negative priority to prevent the use of the same strategy you seem to be describing. It would be ridiculous and absolutely game-breaking if Pokemon could max out their speed and control the game by repeatedly clicking Whirlwind until the ideal Pokemon is forced in. With entry hazards, you could win the game simply clicking one button over and over. The same rule applies to Circle Throw, Dragon Tail and Roar which are also phasing moves and have -6 priority.

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