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Okay so I'm playing Super Subway single with Hydreigon, Lucario (EV SpAtk / Speed), and Mienshao (EV Atk/ Spd).

My Lucario (90 base speed) has a Hasty nature, is EV trained in speed, and he gets outsped by a Machamp at 50 base speed, using Dynamic Punch which has no priority. He has NO quick claw.

Now tell me, how ON EARTH can that Pokemon outspeed both Lucario and Mienshao? HOW? His ability is clearly No Guard since he hits Dynamic Punch every single time.

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Are you sure that you weren't using a move with negative priority?
Could be a wonder room was activated.

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Im gonna assume that battle subway battles are set to lvl 50

The Machamp if with full speed evs and a neutral nature with choice scarf beats lucario with a speed of 160, while lucario with +speed nature is at 156 speed But We see mienshao got outsped so the machamp had jolly nature so with full speed evs and choice scarf outspeeds mienshao