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Hi. I just lost a battle to a Nidoking who was able to outspeed all of my Pokemon, even my Mienshao, who was jolly and had both ev's and iv's in speed. I know the Nidoking wasn't scarfed cuz it used different moves without having to switch. There was no baton pass or paralysis involved, only a sticky Web. Was that really enough for it to outspeed me? It was shiny, as was all of my opponent's Pokemon, so I was wondering if it might have been hacked?

The game would've detected if the Nidoking had higher than max stats, so that isn't it. Did any pokemon on their team use Baton Pass, switching any stat boosts?
If the opponent sets up sticky Web, the effect is equal to having all of his pokemon scarfed but not locked into a move, against your pokemon bar airborne ones... As all of your pokemon are at -1

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Mienshao's max Speed stat while Jolly is 172.
Nidoking's max Speed stat without a boosting nature is 137.

Now, assuming there was Sticky Web in effect, and it affected your Mienshao, her Speed drops to 86. Even a neutral-natured Nidoking has enough speed to outspend a -1 Mienshao.

Here's the simple math:

172 x 0.5 = 86